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The 2024 Northern Woods Exhibition

April 25-28, 2024
Eden Prairie Center

Brought to you by the Minnesota Woodworkers Guild



The Northern Woods Exhibition is an annual woodworking show and competition sponsored by the Minnesota Woodworkers’ Guild.  It will be hosted by the Eden Prairie Center, April 25, 2024 through April 28, 2024.


The show provides an opportunity for woodworkers to display and discuss their craft, and for the community to view the best in high quality woodworking design and construction. The pieces on display are works of art in addition to being functional furniture.


Education is one of the main goals of the Minnesota Woodworkers’ Guild. Many of the pieces in this show reflect skills learned at monthly meetings, workshops and seminars sponsored by the guild. If you are a woodworker who wants to learn new techniques and meet with others who are willing to share their knowledge, please be our guest at a meeting and consider becoming a member.


Enjoy the show!


Ed Neu President
Minnesota Woodworker’s Guild


Rules For Entry


  • Entries are limited to objects made primarily of wood.
  • Space on the exhibition floor permitting, each entrant may submit any number of pieces, but only two pieces are eligible for judging. The exhibition committee may reject anything over two pieces due to space constraints.
  • Pieces shown at previous Northern Woods Exhibitions are not eligible for exhibition, judging, or awards.
  • The show committee reserves the right to reject a piece it deems unacceptable for any reason.
  • All pieces must remain on the floor until after the mall closes and the People's Choice award is announced at 6:00 p.m. on Sunday.
  • Larger pieces display best on attractive flat white pedestals, no more than 4 inches in height. Pedestals should have leg levelers, with rubber or soft vinyl material in contact with the showroom floor.  Freely moving pedestals are not allowed.  Edges of the pedestal MUST NOT extend more than 6" beyond the footprint of the piece displayed. Entrants must provide their own pedestal. Wall hanging pieces will need a wall suitable for display of the piece. The Guild has some display walls. Please email Mike Johnson to check for display wall availability. If a Guild display wall is not available then entrant must provide their own.
  • Small items must be displayed in/on a Guild-provided display case or a pre-approved entrant provided display. If you need space in one of the Guild display cabinets be sure to indicate that on your entry form. If you prefer to use your own display then contact Mike Johnson for pre-approval.
  • Advertising is limited to portfolios, business cards, and Guild sponsored publications. All advertising must remain next to the entrant’s piece(s).
  • Although the Guild and Eden Prairie Center will have people available to monitor the show at all times, neither party is responsible for damage to, or loss of, pieces on display. Insurance coverage for pieces on display is the responsibility of the entrant.
  • PLEASE NOTE THIS RULE: Late entries might be excluded from the show due to inadequate display space.
  • All pieces MUST be in place by 9:00pm on Wednesday, April 24, 2024. Late pieces will be excluded from the show unless the entrant contacts the show chairman and makes appropriate arrangements. Pieces will be placed by the guild committee member in charge of display. His decisions are final.
  • If you do not submit a photo for the catalog then you are required to submit a photo/snapshot of your entry no later than the Wednesday evening show set-up.  Note: This is different than the catalog photo and a high quality photo is NOT required because this one is only to assist and expedite with judging the show.
  • Entrants will be expected to volunteer time staffing the Guild information table.